3 Years @Steele Road!

3 Year Anniversary James Burleigh

3 year on from moving to Park Royal with countless tables and benches carefully crafted, dispatched to satisfied customers!

Plans are afoot to build up and knock through to next door to give us extra capacity. Including 1 new saw, 2 sanders, 1 planer, 1 press and numerable routers now find a home with our 20 strong team of furniture makers and design team.

The design range has seen the new addition of Shug and Magnus with a fabulous tall Bosa having it’s first order in Rome. Which brings us to our delight at the orders we have received from Denmark and Italy over the last year.  So complementary from countries that make some of the best contemporary furniture.

It’s been fun as well with trips to our local pub which sits next to the canal.  Great in the summer and also the jumping off point for a trip on a narrow boat down to Little Venice.  Some people even got to go on a February install in New York which was very cold indeed!

We are Looking forward to many more years to come at No.4 Steele Road!