Environmental policy

At James Burleigh Limited we design and manufacture contemporary furniture from our workshop in London.    We recognise our environmental and social responsibility as a commercial concern and are committed to the protection of the world’s resources by sourcing the component parts of our products responsibly, ensuring any energy consumed and waste generated during manufacture is kept to a minimum. We seek to minimise pollution.

James Burleigh Limited is committed to

  • Meeting all environmental legislation.
  • Complying with all legal and other requirements related to our environmental aspects.
  • Continual improvement and evolution of the Environmental Management System.

James Burleigh Limited holds FISP (Furniture Industry Sustainability Programme) membership. FISP is an independently certified sustainability programme tailored to the needs of the furniture Industry supply chain, which identifies best practise to drive social, economic and environmental change, via continual improvement of their business operations.

We empower our employees to lead the way in achieving our sustainability goals and are committed to maintaining a safe and happy working environment.

James Burleigh Limited has a sustainable procurement policy to purchase FSC® timber wherever possible. We are certified to FSC® Chain of Custody. Suppliers are selected based on their ability to meet the environmental and quality standards of James Burleigh Limited.


To this end we can source:

  • Compact laminate from two companies with a demonstrable commitment to conserving and preserving the environment. Both have been granted an Environmental Management System with ISO14001: 2015 accreditation.
  • They each hold comparable Green Building Air Quality certification, Greenguard Gold and Indoor Advantage Gold Both certificates ensure that a product has met the rigorous and comprehensive standards for low emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), including Formaldehyde into indoor air.
  • Water based adhesive and lacquer, this minimises the VOC levels.


Eco Design

We identify areas where we can optimise production and materials, whilst limiting energy consumption, transport miles and waste. Our ‘Louie’ table is a creation of our off-cuts. To ensure products are sustainable, we minimise raw materials and it is our policy to use non harmful chemicals and materials. We create long lasting products of the highest quality, designing for refurbishment and to extend product life.


We apply stringent quality control checks to avoid wastage, returns and remakes. Any waste generated is sent to 2 local recycling facilities, licenced by the Environmental Agency, with less than 10% of total waste ending up at landfill.

Distribution & Packaging

Delivery and installations are consolidated where possible. We seek to minimise the packaging we use, whilst ensuring high grade products are delivered to the customer.  100% recycled and recyclable card is used to protect goods in transit.  It is our aim to reuse packaging, otherwise it is recycled through established and accredited recycling channels.

Our main objectives are:

  • Continual improvement in design and production processes. This is aimed at minimising wastage and preventing pollution, whilst maximising use of off-cuts.
  • Continually improve the production processes, increasing the overall sustainability and longevity of our products.
  • Reduce energy consumption and migrate to 100% renewable electricity through continual analysis of equipment and utilities. A Biomass heater enables us to use up our timber off-cuts decreasing our demand on gas heating.
  • Working with local schools and organisations to further reduce the amount going to recycling. We also aim to reduce the percentage of waste to landfill to zero.
  • To reuse packaging.
  • Maintain a safe and happy working environment.


James Burleigh are able to offer, upon request, FSC® certified products.

These accreditations can help towards WELL, BREEAM, LEED and SKA building accreditation.

Download our  FSC® Certificate number: TT-COC-006745, License Code: FSC-C147020, chain of custody certificate. (download certificate). 

Download the James Burleigh Environmental policy (download policy)

Download the James Burleigh FISP Certificate (download document)

Download the Corporate and Social Responsibility document (download document)

Download the Sustainable Timber Procurement Policy document (download document)